Annual Census on Foreign Capitals in Brazil

Published by Bruno H. S. Guarnieri | Informatives | 2 . July . 2019

Required by the Brazilian Central Bank, the annual Census on Foreign Capitals in Brazil (CCE) has to be prepared until August 15 by the following parties:

  • Legal entities headquartered in Brazil held by foreign shareholders (entities or individuals) whose net asset value is equal to or higher than US$100 million on 12/31/2018;
  • Managers of investment funds held by foreign shareholders whose net asset value is equivalent to US$100 million on 12/31/2018; and
  • Legal entities headquarters in Brazil whose debtor balance of short-term commercial credits granted by non-residents is equal or higher than US$10 million on 12/31/2018.

Penalties up to BRL 250,000.00 apply for the non-compliance of it.

Farroco Abreu is at your disposal for further clarifications.

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